Chi Siamo

“We produce cycling clothing for very passionate cyclists"

SerialBiker was born from the need to live intensely a very strong passion for bikes .

Wearing a SerialBiker's product means desire to stand out to show one's own originality but above all to believe in dreams.

How did it start?

T-Shirt SugarSkull Blu Petrol SerialBiker

We started in 2018 making this T-Shirt for friends that represents a Mexican sugar skull with a bicycle instead of eyes .

As in the most classic of stories, many requests begin to arrive so we decide to print more and then still others by adding colors and small variations.

The first Cycling Jersey

Cycling jersey with Mexican skull SerialBiker

Cool, the product is liked so why not produce also a cycling jersey??

So we said to ourselves: "Think about it, it might be a good idea to wear something different , something to stand out from all other cyclists, something that has no sponsors."

2020, the year of covid-19

The most terrible year ever for our entire generation has messed up the cards on the table, but it has also given us time and strength to look around us, to reflect on our future as men and entrepreneurs, this is the time to think to the good things in life, the bicycle is life for us and the pandemic has taught us that there is nothing more beautiful than living it exactly the way you want it, it's lucky but it shouldn't be and having an opportunity to do so inspired us to take it one step further.

2021, we are ONLINE!

Marzo 2021, SerialBiker becomes a company, we structure ourselves and with great difficulty we finally manage to open our website, officially start on March 15th 2021

to be continued ...