The whole boot (Italy) on a bicycle with Giuseppe Bica.

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The whole boot (Italy) on a bicycle with Giuseppe Bica.

Today we had the pleasure of meeting Giuseppe Bica , a boy from Trapani who is about to leave for " Tutto Lo Stivale ", a very interesting journey.

There have been a lot of people who crossed Italy by bicycle but Giuseppe has something different and his hashtag #tuttolostivale contains many different meanings that convinced us to support his initiative.

 Giuseppe Bica All The Boot Receives SerialBiker Products The meeting with Giuseppe Bica on his Nuvolone
First of all we love challenges and adventures but this trip also has a social value thanks to a fundraiser in favor of Doctors Without Borders and so we wanted to know rlo better.

Who is Giuseppe Bica?

I define myself as a tireless curious and a pursuer of challenges and objectives which sometimes are deemed impossible ! In everyday life I am a communicator, I deal with image and marketing creativo.

 Giuseppe Bica Tutto Lo Boot Giuseppe Bica

You love sport, but you are not a cyclist, why did you choose this vehicle for your adventure along the whole boot?

I am a sportsman, yes, but not a skilled athlete; recently I exceeded my limits, walking for 24 hours in a row without sleeping , to cover the 100 km that separate my Trapani from Palermo ; it was during this walk that the idea of ​​wanting to push myself even further, of wanting to raise the bar, made room for me! So I decided I wanted to face them every day those 100 km .. but riding a bicycle and for a whole month! I've never ridden a bike, I'm not a cyclist ... yet I decided to get in the saddle and want to ride ... all of Italy, Tutto Lo Stivale !

 Giuseppe Bica alla Lombardo with Davide Camedda Giuseppe Bica gets to know his Lombardo

What will give you the right reasons to tackle 3,000 km by bicycle? < / h4>

Motivation must first of all be sought in a personal need for adventure ; in this case adding an "extreme" connotation and also an interior search. Tutto Lo Stivale is precisely a journey in search of a new me, a sporting adventure on two wheels through Italy, from South to North, with which I have the goal of promote the culture of sustainable mobility and raise public awareness towards moving "in a green way".

Tell us about the social aspect and Doctors Without Borders , you are very transparent in your project, how will you use the funds raised?

We have scrambled our planet , we have mistreated it . And this is why I started a fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders which for 50 years has been helping populations affected by natural disasters, wars or epidemics such as the Coronavirus in more than 70 countries in the world. I will donate 50% of the sum raised to Doctors Without Borders; specifically for the "Emergency Fund", from which MSF draws to respond to emergencies, including those from natural disasters, increasingly generated by climate change due to global pollution . I will also be able to support the editorial phase, travel expenses, technical and construction costs in the 5 weeks of adventure, as well as all the post-production phases. As Spartan as I want or love to be, money is sadly necessary.

Well, to us for all of this you are a SerialBiker and therefore you have deserved our esteem! Good adventure Giuseppe!

Thanks guys.