SerialBiker customized MTB enduro clothing for the Super E'Duro team

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SerialBiker customized MTB enduro clothing for the Super E'Duro team

SerialBiker has produced custom MTB enduro clothing for Team "Super E 'Duro", a group of Sicilian riders.

< p> They are bad boys scattered between the provinces of Palermo and Trapani, their usual frequentations are the trails Rocce Rosse , Pietre Bianche , Pungitopo and Disa which are located in Bosco Scorace , the two very hard trails of Erice (Trapani), and the Vacca Morta and Mototopo in Palermo.

The mountain bike gravity is their strong vocation

The 100% of their fun is in the sicilian's woodlands and therefore they asked us for high visibility and colors close to the Sicilian tradition for their freeride. shirt , for this reason we have thought of citrus fruits.

We have tried to interpret these indications in the best possible way and for this custom enduro jersey , we have offered them strong and bright colors, clear geometries to increase contrast and a touch of elegant design on the back with a full-back band with the team name prominently.

We are passionate about bicycles and MTB and BDC for those who like to stand out while pedaling and T-SHIRTS and other accessories to wear every day.

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