Custom Design for EvolBike Palermo

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Custom Design for EvolBike Palermo

Nothing is left to chance...

this is the enduro jersey we produced for Vito Valenti, owner ofEvolbike Palermo.
The starting idea was to design battery cells immersed in blue, the dominant and essential color for a Bosch. service quality like EvolBike.

Maglia Enduro Evolbike Palermo Fantic Focus

Established for some time as a reference point for the eBike world in Palermo,EvolBike is a Sicilian company looking for innovative solutions byzero impact mobility on the environment that approaches the market with passion, it is no coincidence that EVOL stands for the evolution of the bicycle but read on the contrary LOVE communicates love for this

What we liked about the collaboration with theBosch Service of Palermo Evolbike is that they immediately appreciated our graphic taste and for us it was an honor and a pleasure to work to produce their personalized enduro jersey.

Maglia enduro Evolbike Palermo Fantic Focus retro

On this occasion we got to play with theFantic XF1 and theeBike Focus, two very important brands in the panoramaeBike of Palermo and the world of which Vito Valenti has been promoting since the beginning of his adventure, we were very fascinated by the technical description of the chassis of theFantic XF1 Integra Enduro already winner of the Design & amp; Innovation Award 2018 as although it is not made of carbon, it does not show any sign of welding.

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