Shooting Day at "Cretto di Burri" of Gibellina, TP, Sicilia

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Shooting Day at "Cretto di Burri" of Gibellina, TP, Sicilia

A pouring of concrete that excites, an impressive modern work of art to keep alive the memory of the tremendous 1968 Belice earthquake.

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We wanted a spectacular location for the new SerialBiker technical cycling jersey and no other place could have been more suitable, we will never, ever allow ourselves to artistically approach one of the largest contemporary works of art in the world ... but if there is a place that perfectly matches the design of our new cycling jersey, well ... it is definitely this one.

It took 25 years to complete the great work of Alberto Burri we hope to take a little less to become are big and even if everything becomes beautiful and magical here, the friends who helped us create the new SerialBiker shooting focused on the presentation of the new SerialBiker cycling jerseys GERO WHITE and GERO GRAY, they were super cool regardless!

If you want to see the wonders of Sicily you must necessarily come here ... except for our sweaters , you can order those from the comfort of your home, we'll take care of delivering them to you :-)

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Photo by Maurizio Messina Image