Yeti Tribute MTB jersey at Vetore Trail Etna

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Yeti Tribute MTB jersey at Vetore Trail Etna

We introduced the new YETI TRIBUTE MTB jersey with skull on Etna Volcano and more precisely on the Vetore trail (from the mountain of the same name) during the Vulkan Race Reunion, an event dedicated to the ENDURO MOUNTAIN BIKE world.

Our new Yeti Tribute enduro jersey is a tribute to the famous American company Yeti Cycles founded in 1985 by John Parker.

The idea for this project o was born meeting a group of users and die-hard fans of the Yeti brand, we were able to appreciate how much passion there is around this brand.

After two days spent with them on the trails and sleeping in a tent next to our bikes in a sort of mini Yeti Tribe , showing interest in our products, they suggested we make a mountain bike with skull like the ones we wore at that time but using colors close to the Yeti tradition.

But back to all Vulkan Race Reunion event where we showed our jersey freeride , you should know that the top of Mount Vetore reaches an altitude of 1821 meters and is a few hundred meters from the Sapienza's refuge, the starting point of the cableway that reaches the top of the highest active volcano in Europe, ETNA!

According to Strava segment the Vetore trail is 1140 meters long and has a negative altitude difference of 165 meters for an average gradient of 14%, it is a technically not very complicated track, it can be tackled in total safety by controlling the speeds but at the same time it is extremely fun.

The guys from ASD Donkey Riders who take care of it have done a great job to make it fluid, fun and safe and then the landscape that surrounds you is priceless, the whole trail is surrounded by dense green vegetation that contrasts with the intense black of the volcanic sand where our colorful SerialBiker enduro jersey particularly stands out.

At the end of the trail it opens to the horizon a crazy landscape from which you can admire a great piece of Sicily up to the sea.

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The following video is a full shot of the entire Vetore Trail, in front of us a couple of friends wearing our Enduro Yeti Tribute by SerialBiker jersey.

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