All Day Ride | Mondello - Monte Bonifato Alcamo

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All Day Ride | Mondello - Monte Bonifato Alcamo

All Day Ride is a mini adventure trip in MTB , E-MTB and GRAVEL organized by ASD Mondello Bikers of Palermo, the idea is to merge the randonneur spirit with the desire for adventure pedaling on tracks known only on paper to discover new wonderful places that the world offers.

 Borgo Parrini to Partinico All Day Ride a MTB trip in Sicily from Mondello to Alcamo

Slow progress, good company and the desire to escape strictly on their bikes, these are the premises that lead the group to leave at 7.00 in the morning in an assorted formation, in fact there are 5 MTB , 1 GRAVEL and 2 E-MTB both equipped with a second emergency battery since the program provides for a distance of 135km with over 2,000 meters dslv +

 Lemons in abundance along the All Day Ride, a MTB trip in Sicily from Mondello to Alcamo

Ready to go and start with gradients over 20% to reach the new path of Grotta Conza which gives access to < strong> Pizzo Manolfo , the first climb of this mini tour that will pass from Montelepre and Giardinello to arrive through a hidden lemon grove at Borgo Parrini a mixture of colors made up of multicolored colored tiles that recall the works of Gaudì, hidden in the countryside near Partinico .

There are only a few structures that make up the village but they are enchanting and admiring them while eating freshly baked homemade bread from the adjacent bakery is an experience to try.

 Alcamo Castle All Day Ride a MTB trip in Sicily from Mondello to Alcamo

Leaving the village we set off again to conquer Monte Bonifato , the wood of Alcamo full of paths where there is also an adventure park and a remarkable hiking activity of the locals.

The breathtaking view of the incredible countryside surrounding Alcamo obviously repays any effort made to conquer it. Here the battery of one of the two e-bikers runs out , but since it is already well over the halfway point, the situation does not worry the boys too much.

The second E-Bike instead will be able to complete the 135km without the use of the spare battery thanks to the full-bodied muscle contribution of its owner.

 On the road to Alcamo in MTB

On the way back there is it is space for a fleeting passage to admire the castle of Calatubo in Balestrate (or what remains of it) and then dive along the promenade that will bring cyclists back to the starting point.

 Madonna dell'Alto Sanctuary in Monte Bonifato All Day Ride a MTB trip in Sicily from Mondello to Alcamo

The guys from ASD Mondello Bikers wear suits designed by SerialBiker.

Through their page Facebook you can contact them if you want information on this path, on 👉 Komoot instead you can download the track .

If you were intrigued by Borgo Parrini look for the hashtag