Gravel clothing customized for the Eagle Gravel Palermo group

Gravel clothing customized for the Eagle Gravel Palermo group

We made the custom Gravel clothing for the Eagle Gravel Palermo group.

Eagle Gravel is a spontaneous group born in 2021 in Palermo.

The recent Gravel trend is literally driving cycling enthusiasts and manufacturing companies crazy. The great versatility that these bikes offer is arousing exponential interest, being able to pedal freely on dirt roads and asphalt at interesting speeds.

The possibility of equipping these bikes with comfortable luggage racks make them the perfect vehicle for adventures and trips involving the amateur cyclist and making him passionate about a certain lifestyle and sport.

 Eagle Gravel Palermo SerialBiker Custom Gravel Suit

Among the characteristics of this world there is certainly clothing that takes its cue from ancient races "Heroic" and here the fluo and bright colors of the classic road or mountain bike suits give way to the colors of nature, the earth and trees in the first place.

It is with this philosophy that we have thought complete for the guys of Eagle Gravel Palermo and adding the eagle, simb only from the city of Palermo, we started our first job "Gravel".

Good road guys.