Custom design for Bike Fit Lab Bronte CT

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Custom design for Bike Fit Lab Bronte CT

Bike Fit Lab in Bronte in the province of Catania is a newborn study ofBiomechanics for thecycling, the ownerLuca Immormino contacted us to entrust toSerialBiker the graphic design of his personalized cycling suits

Bike Fit Lab Biomeccanica Ciclismo Bronte Catania

With Luca Immormino we immediately agreed on the need to find, in addition to the logo, a graphic element forcustomize hiscomplete, which was particularly relevant to his business asbiomechanical so chatting via Skype and Whatsapp, Luca told us about his creatureBike Fit Lab, of the path that led him to create a study ofBiomechanics cycling in Bronte and how his study on cyclist dynamics is carried out.

One of the phrases that struck us was: "I work using angles and lines formed by the limbs to determine the best possible position on the saddle" and here the light bulb on the element we were looking for came on, the angles and lines are like this become the goal to work on.

All this combined with Luca's request to use blue as the predominant color gave life to this personalized cycling outfit by SerialBiker for Bike Fit Lab in Bronte, Catania.

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